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About Eco Taxi

Eco Taxi is a "sedan" service provider in the Southwest Volusia area. With our professional drivers and fuel-efficient vehicles, we take pride in providing our clients with excellent customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other taxi service providers, we care for the environment and the neighborhoods that we live in. We make sure to contribute to a better future while providing a convenient way of transportation to the communities.

Going Carbon Neutral

As a community-bound organization, we support local and global tree planting programs. Since 2013, we have planted 1,700 trees in place of every car we have in service. Our team is fully committed to eliminating our carbon footprint through purchasing carbon offset credits and supporting reforestation.

For a Better World and Future

At Eco Taxi, we don’t just aim for the profit but are also in search for a solution to the pressing problems around us. We give back to the community through green business practices and charitable donations.

However, we know that these are not enough. This is why we encourage everyone to be green as well by simply hiring us. Together, we can make a better and stronger community.

Your Safety Is a Priority

In addition to our green campaigns, we also put great value on our customer’s safety. For this reason, we strictly implement the Don’t Drink and Drive program.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Eco Taxi is a tight-knit organization that refers to ourselves as a work-family. Our team values relationships with people, education, and the planet.

Since our company opened its doors, we have been treating each client as a part of our family. There may be other transportation companies in the area, but we ensure that our services come with a personal touch.

This year, we hope to expand the company, make the planet a little greener, and help more communities. Check our Pinterest and Facebook accounts to learn more about our fundraising events. We are determined to make our neighborhood more spectacular for the years to come!

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